Can Telmate Sustain Its Dominance in Communications for Inmates?

Inmate communications are far more advanced than in past years. Thanks to having some of the most advanced technologies, the 2000s are simply outperforming its predecessors of the past. Communications are some of the most beneficial features in the prison system. Having the ability to listen to music, the ability to speak with friends, and the ability to video chat with family members is simply priceless. The great thing about these progressive functions is that they help to reduce the actual crime rate in the prison system. Inmates that receive these privileges can better put their lives into perspective. Like the old saying goes, ” you’ll never miss something until it’s gone.”


Telmate Communications is the new leader of the pack as it is the fastest growing inmate provider of inmate visitation, phone services, messaging, inmate tablets and mobile applications. This company has a long list of satisfied clients and customers that stretch across most of the United States as well as certain provinces in Canada. To basically state it, Telmate provides communications services to more than 300 prison facilities. Of course, none of this has happened by chance. This company has invested a lot of time as well as invested a lot of money. These advanced technological components drastically improves daily operational functions, and it increases prison staff safety. This progressive approach is one of the reasons to why Telmate is the best.


The innovative technology’s monitoring services are phenomenal as it has dramatically cut-down on negative inmate-to-inmate confrontations. Other safety components help to eliminate contraband while improving overall safety for each and every individual. What more can you ask for? All in all, Telmate Communications is raising the bar, it’s setting new trends, and it’s changing the status quo.