A Union to Fight Keefe Food Group Corruption

Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies working for our inmate families in the United States. For the past two decades, the inmate members have experienced brutality concerning the inflated prices for commodities that should otherwise be cheap. Keefe Food Group was entitled to sell food products, snacks, and other personal items for inmates in most of the inmate facilities in the United States. While there are many other companies out there that are more than capable of outdoing Keefe Food Group in business in the inmate industry, it is surprising that the company keeps on securing these crediting. This is the reason why we must fight the corruption deals experienced by our brothers and sisters in prison.

Keefe Food Group has engaged in issuing pay backs to prison officials for the no-bid contracts that are always awarded for them. For the longest time possible, the company has outdone many competitors seeking to supply food and other products in the industry because they are not willing to give as much as they give to the prison officials who sign their contracts. Keefe Food Group, according to a recent statistics of companies supplying products and food stuff to the inmate facilities, covers more than 50 prison setups in the United States and other parts of Canada.

The abuse and corruption experienced by inmate members should not be seen as a small entity. However, we should view it as a challenge that needs to be addressed with an immediate effect. If the situation is left unturned, prisons will never be a place for correction. However, it will be a new place for turning criminals into super criminals. Criminals who rob other criminals is one of the forms of disorder we are about to face as a result of Keefe Food Group. For this reason, we need to unite as the general masses and vote this company out of business. For those who have been in the prison doors, they understand what it takes to be an inmate. Keefe Food Group, as well as other companies in the industry, work by exaggerating prices that most inmates cannot afford to stay in prison.https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Keefe-Group-Reviews-E831315.htm