The Security Needs Of Private Industry Manufacturing

Sometimes, the best security you can have is when no one knows about what you’re doing. It’s not by habit or by the nature of deceit that many private industry businesses stay out of public view. The advantage of operating below the radar is an impeccable edge that businesses have when they’re leading the private industry with massive manufacturing.


The security needs of the private sector go well pass the infrastructure we know of in the public world. The private sector of industry within the United States is made up of undisclosed facilities and personnel that others in the public world are trying to infiltrate. The scenario is the premiss for a great James Bond movie, but the reality is very serious and dangerous.



Consolidation And Not One Lost Item


The Keefe Group is among the major manufacturers in the private industry. The agency got its start in 1975 with the U.S. government and has made tremendous headway since. The Keefe Group holds the largest number of U.S. contracts for the private sector of U.S. operations. This agency is able to stand on such a firm business platform because of its safety processes.


The foundation of safety offered by the Keefe Group is in the mastery of a process we call consolidation. In the financial world, it could be disastrous to put all of your hopes in a sole process or method. This differs entirely in the private sector. Consolidation happens when the United States government uses the service of one agency but for all or majority of its needs.



Keeping Track Of The Track Machine


Consolidating in this manner allows the government to keep track of everything in operation, even-though, this process could manage millions of pieces. If these millions of pieces where extended or given to many agencies, then tracking every step and every package would become more difficult. This difficulty is something the U.S. government cannot afford.


The outcome is a simple solution therefore. The agency who benefits is the Keefe Group as it allows the private industry to be consolidated to one shipment option, one factory process and one agency who can be called if things go wrong. This consolidation should also help to explain just how large Keefe’s operation is, for it can service over two million customers weekly.


IC Solutions: Can You Trust Them? No Way

If someone is behind bars and they are looking to get a phone call through IC Solutions, there is a good chance they will be waiting a long time for that phone call to happen. As a matter of fact, it is highly probable the phone call will never happen in the first place. IC Solutions, the prepaid phone provider, has gotten people’s attention. However, it is not the kind of attention any company would like to have, but that is just fine with them. They don’t care how it looks to the outside world. They live in a bubble, and they refuse to speak to anyone out there about fixing the issues they are having with the company.


They are very, very silent, even though they have a customer service team. The customer service team has a very specific job, which is to confuse, frustrate, and annoy the living hell out of the customers. They have done a great job with that, as they even argue with the customers as well. It shows the kind of people they are and the kind of morals they have as a company. I can’t imagine their parents are too happy with they do for a living and I also imagine their families can’t be too proud of them. What is there to like, really?


They are ruining lives, and they are making money doing it. I would respect someone more that works at a fast-food job and makes an honest living as opposed to the fools over at IC Solutions. Everything about them is a lie, and there is nothing truthful or honest about them. They just keep on lying, cheating, and stealing because it all leads to money for them, which is their only goal at the end of the day.


Woman New To Telmate Commends Employees But States They Need More Training

A woman new to the telecommunications service provided by Telmate is having difficulty. She has called Telmate several times, and although she says all the representatives were very nice, they had no idea what they were doing. She said she is not blaming them because she feels management is at fault. All representatives should receive full training before they start answering the phone, and do not have the answers to the questions they are being asked. She feels this reflects poorly on both Telmate and their management. She said she would never place anyone she works with in the position of facing a client until she was certain they understood exactly what they needed to do. She said all this accomplishes is frustrating the employees, the clients, and damaging the reputation of the company. Since Telmate is the only provider in her area she realizes anyone wanting to talk to someone in prison in the area must use their services.


She said the fact that everyone she has spoken with at Telmate has been patient and nice helps. When the person could not help her she believes they felt bad, and kept apologizing over and over. She has dealt with other providers in the past, and said they always sounded like they were mad when she called. She still wishes they were better trained because it would make it easier when she needed something done. She does like being able to place money on her account by phone instead of having to mail in the payment. Despite the lack of training, she says it is still a much better option.


She realizes until her loved ones are out of prison, she has no choice. She has to figure out a way to work with Telmate or she will not be able to talk to them. She said it could be a lot worse because at least the people she talks to are trying, have never been rude or mean to her, and admitted once she figured out how Telmate’s website worked it was easier to use. She is just grateful she can make the calls.


Manufacturing All The Needs Of The Private Sector

Manufacturing for the needs of the private sector requires that agencies take into account a category of three basic products. The Keefe Group is a major private industry manufacturer who operates as a perfect example of product production. The Keefe Group got its start as a simple vendor who operated with only one product in the private industry.


The agency’s list of products now expands well into 2,000 different items that are used by the private sector of the U.S. government and its thousands of facilities. The categories of products the agency produces consist of hygiene needs, clothing and food goods. Each of these listed categories are operated in a factory line everyday and serve millions of people.



The Two Million Sells That Keefe Makes Weekly


The weekly production of the Keefe Group manages well over two million products. This requires that the agency produce just over two million items and to keep up with weekly demand. As products are being created, others are being packaged. Those that are moving into the packaging stage must then wait as others before them are on their way to distribution.


This entire process is undergone by the Keefe Group, and nothing slows the agency down from making tremendous progress for future orders. The private industry is also expanding. The number of contracts held by the Keefe Group is likely to increase and require that the agency produce more than its weekly quota at the moment.



Why The Demand Never Stops


Keefe Group works to supply manufactured goods to the correctional facilities of the United States. These agencies hold the largest number of detained people. The rights of these people require that they are feed, kept clean and have access to various products that micmic what we use in the public world. The difference made by the Keefe brand is security.


The Keefe Group operates every level of production that modern businesses undergo. The ability to manage the entire process as one agency lets the U.S. government work with a process of elimination if narrowing down potential infiltrations in crime. The many pieces that Keefe Group puts together enable a great world of safety and an easy access to private sector goods.

Prisoners Intend To Put Keefe Group Out Of Business

If you ask prisoners how well they like having to purchase canteen goods from prison commissary supply company Keefe Group, you will likely get a hard eye roll and a few cuss words.


Keefe doesn’t have a very good reputations these days. In fact, Keefe has been in hot water for several year relating to everything from fraud to payoffs to overpriced canteen items.


Now, a number of people are speaking out about Keefe, and it’s high time they did. In the last 10 years, several individuals with ties to Keefe are either in jail or awaiting sentencing. The fact of the matter is, Keefe is a rotten as a banana that’s been lying in the heat for 5 days.


A number of inmates and family members have sounded the alarm about Keefe. They are hoping that some watchdog organization or consumer group will put them out of business once and for all.


Keefe has taken on Gestapo tactics in their commissary exploits. Not only are they the only game in town, they charge ungodly prices because they know they’re the only game in town. Keefe seems to be taking the love me or leave me approach, and it’s not sitting very well with some.


In the latest issue of prisoner produced and run newspaper Under Lock and Key, prisoners want Keefe gone for good. They are asking people who may have information on Keefe, or who are able to get it, bring it forth. Prisoners want the ability to present as much proof as they can to expose Keefe’s wrongdoings.


They are also asking Gov. Scott to intervene and help with the Keefe issue. So far Keefe is still humming along conducting business as usual. With a bit of luck, things will be changing for the better.


Telmate: Innovating Inmate Communications

The prison industrial system has become big business. This comes from the fact that the United States and Canada has an estimated 2.2 million incarcerated people. For whatever the reason may be, these people have found themselves locked up behind bars for a certain amount of time. The field of corrections can be very stressful as well as dangerous at times. Crimes are still being committed from behind bars, and it must be dealt with accordingly. Maintaining the safety of the staff and maintaining the safety for the inmates is vital for a smoother running facility and this is where Telmate comes into the frame.


Telmate, formally known as Pinnacle Public Services, is one of the leaders in this exclusive community. This Oregon-based company has many years of experience in dealing with the prison industrial system, and it has years of experience with providing technological-solutions. One of the best ways to fight crime is by preventing crime. Telmate offers top-of-the-line security components for correctional staff members. This technology allows the staff to monitor phone calls, to record physical visits and to monitor real-time events. The services are fully-functioning, and the services are user-friendly. Crime tips, paperless documents, informative material and investigative tools are right at your fingertips. It would be extremely hard trying to find another telco company that can provide such benefits in an all-in-one package. Over 300 correctional facilities are contracted with this extraordinary provider.


Telmate is rewriting the books on inmate and staff security. Its newest solution, Telmate Guardian, is great for the supervising purposes of people who are on parole/probations. Offenders can be tracked through sophisticated apps that are accessed via smartphones. Every base is being covered here. No more ankle bracelets, which are extremely outdated and are less sophisticated. For the ultimate in inmate solutions, no other company can outperform Telmate on a consistent basis and that speaks volumes.

IC Solutions: Don’t Look Away

When something is tough to look at or tough to swallow, it seems to be in people’s instincts to look away or pretend like it does not exist. If people are going to live with their heads in the clouds, they are going to miss out on real problems going on in the world. Real problems are happening with IC Solutions, an inmate prepaid phone provider. They are supposed to work as a gateway for inmates to talk to family, friends, and loved ones while in prison. IC Solutions gets the money upfront and all they need to do is allow the phone call to happen from the customer to the inmate.


A phone call for an inmate is really all they have to look forward to, as they are spending most of their time behind bars and they are lost with no direction. Their mind could wander into a dangerous place and they could find themselves thinking about harming themselves or others. It is why the phone call is there to give them a gateway of happiness and hope. Faith and hope are powerful, especially when someone is in prison. They need it to help them navigate the murky waters of prison.


Rip Off Report called them a necessary evil in this link, but I don’t know if they are necessary. I imagine if someone does enough research and puts up enough of a fight, they can find someone else that can help them have a phone call with the inmate. There has to be something better than IC Solutions. One thing is for sure: it can’t get any worse. They are the lowest of the low, and they are also on Pissed Consumer. Any website where customers are angry at a business, they are on it.


Keefe Group Driving Up Crime Rates For Profit

I think that we need to look out for each other in these politically explosive times. We are in an age where our most vulnerable populations can be exploited. And I believe that our country should be judged on how we treat our most vulnerable people. That is why I need to stand up against Keefe Group in order to defend our prisoners.


Our prisoners are being exploited by a powerful telecommunications company. And this can have negative effects across the board. Studies show that prisoners that are able to easily communicate with the outside world are much less likely to commit a crime when released from prison. Keefe Group and their incredibly high telephone call rates for prisoners are preventing this communication from happening. Theoretically, it is increasing crime rates in every community across the country.


Keefe Group weasels their way in between prisoners and their families by securing government contracts to provide telephone services to prisons across the country. These contracts are incredibly powerful because they make Keefe Group the only telephone company available to millions of prisoners across the country.


And I think we all know what happens when there is no free market capitalism. This telecommunications company’s customer base is literally locked up and forced to use their services. This allows the telecommunications company to raise prices exponentially. Some are saying that they spend hundreds of dollars per week talking to their family member inside of a prison in the town next door. That is exponentially higher than your average cell phone bill.


Just imagine all the negative consequences that trickle out of this horrible situation. I continue to think about the children. After all, we should not make children suffer for the terrible decisions of their parents. The ACLU estimates that nearly 3 million children have a parent behind bars. This can have all sorts of negative consequences for their upbringing.


We just need our prison telecommunications companies to treat prisoners like people. Rates should be lowered to a reasonable level so that families can communicate more often. It is the humane thing to do and it lowers crime rates across the board.