IC Solutions Made My Prison Calls A Lot Easier

I had to get an account set up for my prison ministry because there was just way too much to do for the people that were working with me. Making calls into the jail is hard when no one has any direction, good thing we discovered using IC Solutions from PissedConsumer.com website because they have set up one account that all of us can call under to check on the people that are working with our ministry. It makes a lot of sense for us to use IC Solutions, and they make all the calls secure and easy to make.

We needed calls that were not going to drop because we need to get a lot of information into one call, and that is why we needed to use this company. IC Solutions let me set up the account in just a couple minutes, and then I was able to get going the first day. I gave out all the information to the people that work with me, and then I was able to see a change in the way that people are getting the help that they need. I did not want to feel like I was forcing the issue, and now we just make the calls.

The best thing according to Al.com, for people to do is to make a call to them, and that is why we are using IC Solutions. It is the most basic service in the world, and it is a very nice service that can be used easily without any problems. It would make a lot more sense for people to use this company to make calls, and I hope families are using it, too. We want to help as many people as we can, and we think we can help a lot of people when we are allowed to make these calls.

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Four Months As An Unlikely Prisoner

Shane Bauer, a husband, talented senior reporter and loyal friend became a guard at one of the many private prisons that litter the American landscape – becoming a virtual prisoner for every hour he served in his undercover capacity. Bauer witnessed unsanitary, dangerous, inhumane conditions and found himself strangely uneasy in his own skin. Detailed in videos, photographs, personal reflective shorts and a telling and provocative editorial of his experiences, his story is as disturbing as it is compelling. Readers and viewers will likely experience the many emotional and psychological twists and turns alongside Bauer, and begin to view the population he spent time with as a bit close for comfort – regardless of the sentences served behind razor wire. The guards speak candidly about the inadequacies of the corporate prison system that result in poor staff which leads to a level of danger within prison walls that they must face every day they report for duty. Inmates express fear, anger, concern, pity, and bewilderment regarding the situation in which they find themselves – some even compare and contrast a ‘better’ state-run prison system, as they note that they are not getting even a minimal portion of humanity as they serve their sentences. Bauer even shares they plight of a fellow reporter who, as he is co-toiling on the outskirts of the private prison compound, is arrested and detained by representatives of that corporation – all to no avail – yet extremely disturbing, as is the telling of this four-month long experience in its entirety. Bauer found himself seeking information, assumed he could learn about the environment he would be a part of, if only briefly and report his findings. Though he was successful, in a very crude sense, his horrifying tales of his time reveal his permanent scars.